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The power of in person meetings

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Whilst video calls have been a function of lockdown life we’d do well to remember the value of in-person meetings as we exit lockdown and return to the “old normal”.

Having met a number of colleagues for the first time between December and April, taking a recent opportunity to meet them at the office reminded me of the value of meeting people in person. Whilst we did away with customary handshakes and ensured we were socially distanced I felt the meetings were far more productive and focussed than meetings held via video.

Being able to get a sense of someone’s body language and reaction to what I was saying was far better feedback than what I would otherwise interpret on a call.

As offices re-open and it’s safe to travel more widely and regularly I will be taking the opportunity to meet colleagues in the office for meetings. I feel the value and focus generated from those interactions ultimately save time, even when accounting for the time it takes to travel to the office.


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