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Our Guiding Principles

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Family Office Approach

Fordhouse is backed by established family offices. Our investors have long term horizons, provide capital which is resilient over the business cycle and understands the challenge of entrepreneurship. We invest for growth and look to conserve the culture and legacy of the businesses we partner with for generations to come.


Fair price, fair terms, fair process. Our heritage as small business owners has cemented a commitment to acting with integrity and transparency. We will value businesses to reflect the outcome of founders’ efforts but will always set realistic expectations throughout the process. Our belief is that the pragmatism and good faith of the SME community is a fitting guide to the investment process. 

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Fordhouse accommodates business owners’ needs through a creative and flexible approach to deals. We can provide a full exit or alternatively work with ambitious owners who are keen to continue leading their business with a new partner who can bring additional resources and expertise. 


Running your business is an eight day a week commitment. Selling is nine. We appreciate the pressures on business owners and we aim to make the selling process hassle free and straight forward – using our tried and tested process we can offer fair deal terms quickly and avoid any unnecessary complexities throughout the process. We will respect your time and resources; if the deal is not for us then we won't pretend that it is. However, we are always willing to provide helpful and actionable insights to any businesses we review. 

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Minimising Sale Costs

Selling a business can be costly. The price of quality advice and time away from the daily running of your business can start to quickly eat away at the deal value, a challenge shared by buyers and sellers alike. It is crucial that a business sale doesn’t undo the value that entrepreneurs have built up over the years. As part of our deal terms we regularly subsidise sellers’ advisory fees to ensure they retain the value they deserve.


A business is more than a financial investment or a hustle. It is an entire chapter of your life with its thrills, disappointments, challenges and successes. We know from experience that parting with what you have built is an emotional process; and this emotion is not misplaced either. In fact, it is what makes your business special; the inherent entrepreneurial spirit, its unique character and your own personal touch. Our investment thesis is built around the belief that these hallmarks of SMEs are unique and offer advantages which larger organisations will never have. Therefore, preserving your business’ culture, retaining staff and continuing that entrepreneurial spirit in the next chapter of its history is important to us.

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Track Record

At Fordhouse, we place our values at the core of every conversation, deal and partnership. We have provided entrepreneurs from every walk of life with rewarding exits for their hard work. Our track record speaks of more than just investments and sales; we pride ourselves on the experience we have had and the people we have met along the way.

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