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Time to U-Turn

At Fordhouse we be believe in having “strong opinions, weakly held”.

To overachieve, you must be extremely committed to your goal. Most people roll with consensus, so there is an opportunity to achieve success from having a strong position, far outside of the consensus. An average position will result in average outcomes.

This is particularly relevant in our investments where we partner with companies to deliver on rapid, M&A driven growth and bold transformation programmes. It’s imperative that we and the management team truly believe in the vision and dedicate to the journey because there will inevitably be numerous bumps in the road and considerable time spent in the valley of despair. You must have a strong conviction to succeed, which will see you through the tough and the rough times.

However, if things change or the hypotheses is wrong, you must be willing to change your mind and u-turn. It is madness to be unwilling to change your mind in the face of compelling data - that’s were passion and conviction turn into stubbornness and failure.

Rather than treating a u-turn as failed decision, we celebrate the fact that we have discovered that our path was wrong and are correcting it today, rather than next week or next year.


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